As if figuring out what to wear on the average day weren’t hard enough; now you’ve got to decipher “casual chic” looks for a big events and very special occasion. Our personal stylists are bombarded with questions from customers about which styles will fit well and fit within a certain dress code.

We at Jeune Maree are here to assist you, understand your need and create the Magic that will transform you to be the “Center of Attraction” at any event. Fashion was always a passion for our founder, Alphy and loved inventing unique styles for herself, family and friends.

Perhaps your heart desires items that you do not see on our website or you are in need of Alphy’s free expert consultation services to help you put together a wedding party, a dress for a special occasion, a vacation wardrobe, photo shoot or layette wardrobe for your new inspiration. Feel free to get in touch with us at Jeune Maree. help you make your dreams come true; it’s another thing she likes to do !