The story of Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez is an accepted Indian clothing for women. It is known for its lively hues, rich fabrics and embroidery. Due to its high admiration in the region of Punjab, salwar kameez is commonly called to as Punjabi suit. Since the past many few centuries, women have been wearing this wonderful garb that is absolutely decent to wear and also lends a graceful look to its wearer. In Pakistan and Afghanistan, both men and women dress up in Salwar kameez. In fact, it were the pathans of Kabul, who can be attributed the credit for introducing this dress in South Asia.


Salwar refers to the loose fit pajama that is quite wide at the top and in comparison pretty narrow at the bottom. The term Kameez on the other hand is used to refer to the long robe. Side seams known as the chaak are left open underneath the waist line. This amplifies the freedom for movement. Salwar has pleats at the waist and is holded seeking the help of an elastic belt or a drawstring. Salwar can be wide and flowing or narrow according to anyone’s  choice. The narrow salwar is known as churidar.

The use of salwar has been adopted in other areas. Salwar is a traditional dress whereas churidar is its modern variant. Churidar is more tightly fitted at the thighs, hips and ankles when compared to the salwar. Churidar is designed to be tight from the knee down and looser from the knee up. Churidars are skin fitted bottoms and salwars are slightly loose.


Many Keralite women have been following this lovely attire called salwar for years. There are many great designers and boutiques in Kerala to fetch these great outfit. Kochi is actually a hub for designer salwar kameez. There are also many online portals to make these items delivered home. Salwar boutiques in Kochi are known for customized attires for women.

Benefits Of Having Your Wedding Dress Custom Made

Marriage is the most memorable and important occasion in the life of every girl. It is an extra special day when she is wrapped in alluring costumes and becomes the centre of attraction. Designing a marriage and making it perfect is a challenging job. Wedding costume is not just a costume but a model to others. Wedding dress serves as a totemic garment and is the symbol of this major occasion in everyone’s life.

Every girl has a dream wedding in her mind since childhood. And the prime aspect of it is what she will wear on her big day. The style and type of the wear has changed a lot because of the widespread availability of materials. Gowns has now become a common trend in marriages.  Buying your dream wedding gown is a burdensome process. Every bride deserves her desired dress. So, it is better to have custom made wedding gowns. With the number of customization choices as broad as the variety of the style selection, the choices are limitless.

A custom wedding gown is made specially for the bride considering her figure. A customized wedding dress is formed according to the brides measurements. It doesn’t matter what size the bride is, the wedding dress will fit her perfectly. Custom made dresses are very convenient for people who find it difficult to fit in standard retail measurements.

Customization of wedding dress saves time and money. It will reduce the number of trips to different bridal shops and the time consumed while checking these readymade bridal wears. Custom made bridal wears give people more time to focus other details of the big day. Also it helps to design the dress considering every detail. A customized dress means the bride have the full control over the designing and production of the dress. Every details like the colour, type of fabric, embroidery etc can be suggested by the customer.

Custom made dresses make every bride unique. Everyone will be having different body shapes and so is their wedding. These dresses will help every brides to customize their looks from the top to bottom of their appearance. Custom made dresses always attract the glimpse of others and the brides are privileged not to see another bride in the same dress of theirs.

In Kerala, saree was the favorite wedding dress of almost all brides. But now the trend has changed. There are many bridal boutiques in Kochi which exclusively models bridal gowns for wedding.